Monday, August 10, 2009

The RV is Done!

Finished putting up the plywood panels, gluing and sealing the roof, reattaching and sealing the vents and A/C, and cleaning up the interior. After a steam cleaning and 2 bottle of Clorox cleanup, the rain stains are gone. The A/C, fridge, and plumbing work. Ladies and gents, we have an RV!

Taking it out for the maiden voyage this weekend, possibly to New Braunfels. Party on.

Pics are here:

Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Updates

1. We will have the RV for this season, working my ass off to get it ready before the first game. Got the roof cleared yesterday, putting the new roof on this weekend. If anyone wants to join in the cause, I will offer you extra friendship points.

2. Looking for food sponsors. I'm shooting for Chappell Hill. If anyone has connections anywhere, speak up.

3. Adult beverages. Anyone want to be in charge of supplementing the beer with some jungle juice/margaritas/whatever?

4. Other stuff. Shirts for the girls? Theme parties? Midget strippers? Sound off with your suggestions.